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 About me

I believe that our connection to nature is vital, so I set out to capture the ways in which we discover and strengthen that relationship. I focus on outdoor activities, exploring, and general storytelling (whether it be of an event or an individual). Photography is a tool that allows me to explore the world at large, as well as the world within. 


I spent one month alone walking the ridges of the Sierra Nevada, one week marooned in the pitch blackness of an underground cave navigating to the light, and most recently spent 5 months backpacking 1,800 miles through the New Zealand wilderness. I have photographically documented every aspect of these pursuits in hopes that sharing these stories will inspire the people around me to explore their relationships to themselves, each other, and to the natural world. I’m constantly training my mind and my body to creatively thrive in diverse social situations and less than ideal physical environments to document the stories of the people, the land, and the journeys I take to get there. 


I aim to empower the rising generation through inspiration and example to use the strength of our bodies and creativity of our minds to experience more parts of this incredible earth— because it's through those personal experiences that we fall in love and gain that vital connection. I want to erase the line of separation that exists in many cultures between people and nature.


"A Shot In The Dark" an essay by Patrick Blanchfield of Esquire on my experience surviving in a cave for 6 days.

"Conversations with the Inspiring Sarah Williams" featured in Voyage LA (August 2018)

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